Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ionized water and how is it different from regular water?
Ionized water is split into two streams through a process called electrolysis. One stream is alkaline water with a pH above 7.0 and the other stream is acidic water with a pH below 7.0. The alkaline water is mainly used for drinking. The acidic water is used for sanitizing and disinfection, and has other uses such as an astringent for the skin.
How many electrolysis plates does the Platinum Water Ionizer have?
Five platinum coated titanium plates.
What is the size of the unit?
13.58" W x 9.44" H x 5.9" D.
What is the weight of the unit?
11.24 lbs.
How does it connect?
It is connected via a diverter valve, which is installed on the end of your faucet aerator. This valve which has a lever allows you to use your sink as usual when needed. When you would like to produce Alkaline or Acidic Water, simply turn on your faucet and turn the lever to divert the water flow to the unit.
What is the lifespan of the cartridges?
3,600 liters (approximately 950 gallons). For the average family, this represents a 10-12 month supply of filtered, ionized water for drinking and cooking needs.
How many stages of filtration does the unit have?
Seven stages for efficient elimination of impurities.
What are the seven stages of each of the Platinum Water filtration cartridge?
  • Pre-Filter
  • Silver Coated Activated Carbon Filter
  • Poly-Ethylene Plane Filter
  • CaSO 3 (Calcium Sulphite)
  • Poly-Ethylene Plane Filter
  • Silver Coated Activated Carbon Filter
  • Poly-Ethylene Plane Filter
Does it remove chlorine?
Yes. The seven stage electronic cartridge removes virtually all chlorine found in the source water.
Does it remove minerals from my water?
It keeps the valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium in the water. When the filtered water enters the electrolysis chamber, the negative electrodes attract the positive alkaline minerals to their compartment; while the positive electrodes attract the negative acid minerals to theirs. So one stream has only alkaline minerals and the other only acid, at which point alkaline water flows out from the ionizer's top outlet, and acid water from the drainage outlet.
How do I know when the filter needs replacing?
The filter life indicator on the LCD panel will serve as a guideline. Like a cell phone, as fewer "bars" appear on the display, the time to change cartridges grows near. A pleasant voice will indicate the specific need for a filter cartridge change at 3,600 liters (950 gallons approximate). Please watch the Flash Presentation in the Features section to see this in action.
Can I run hot water through the unit?
The recommended operating temperature of the unit is 41°- 86° F. The unit will automatically shut off at temperatures exceeding this.
How many pH settings does the unit have?
A total of seven (two acidic, one neutral (purified), and four alkaline).
How much water does it produce?
2.5L/min or 2 gallons every three minutes.
How long does it take to produce alkaline water?
You can produce alkaline water instantly and continuously. We recommend using a slower flow rate because the longer the contact time in the filtration and electrolysis stage, the better.
How long do the alkaline and ionized properties of the water last?
Properly stored, 2-3 days for pH and 8-10 hours for negative ORP. In reality, alkaline ionized water should be consumed as quickly as possible.
Should I use a special container?
We recommend dark glass or low density plastic container with a sealed lid.
How do I install my Platinum Digital Water Ionizer?
Installation is easy and takes minutes. Please click here to watch the installation video.
What benefits does Ionized water have in household uses?
Use it for watering plants for optimum hydration and for more absorption of nutrients (acidic vegetables such as tomatoes and tropical plants may prefer the acid water, while alkaline vegetables such as leafy greens may prefer the alkaline water - consult a garden specialist for more information). The acidic water is anti-bacterial which makes it ideal for cleaning sensitive or acne skin. You can also use the acidic water for disinfecting vegetables and surfaces particularly where food is prepared and consumed. Give vegetables a quick rinse in alkaline water before cooking to enhance flavor.
When I store alkaline ionized water in a bottle, it goes cloudy and deposits form. Why is this?
This is because the alkaline ionized water is rich in calcium minerals. If there is a lot of CO 3 available in the water, it combines with calcium to form CaCO 3 (calcium carbonate). This implies that the reducing (alkalizing) process has occurred. There is nothing wrong with drinking the contents; however, you are advised to wash the container in citric acid with 1L of water to clean the container.
What is the ORP (oxidative reduction potential) of the Platinum Water Ionizer?
The Platinum Water Ionizer succeeds in achieving a high electrolytic reduction power, also known as oxidative-reduction potential, or ORP. Electrolytic reduction is a measure of the ability to eliminate reactive oxygen - which is its anti-oxidant ability. The Platinum Digital Water Ionizer typically produces negative ORP in the range of -300mV to -700mV at the highest alkaline settings. Your results will vary depending on the quality and mineral content of the source (input) water.
Should I use alkaline water when taking medications?
Typically no. The stomach has an acidic environment of 1.8 and medication is designed to work at that pH. Therefore, the medication may be ineffective or cause complications if mixed with alkaline water. We recommend that you use the "purified water" selection on the machine.